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Free ringtones that don’t suck

Nov. 21, 2004

I recently bought a Sony Ericsson T610 cell phone and I absolutely love it! However, the first thing I noticed was that the factory-supplied ringtones pretty much sucked. While it’s cool that my phone can play a hip-hop inspired melody or funky space odyssey music whenever someone calls, what about a selection of ringtones that actually sound like a phone? Maybe it’s a way for cell phone manufacturers to make some extra cash by encouraging you to buy additional ringtones, but I found my own solution. I composed my own ringtones using my music production software and I’ve decided to share them with anyone who wants some decent sounding ringtones for their phone.

How to Use these Ringtones

These ringtones are in MIDI format so your phone must be able to play MIDI ringtones. I believe all modern cell phones support that, but if in doubt, check your cell phone’s user manual. To download the ringtones, right-click each link in Windows or control-click the links on a Mac and choose the option to save the link to your computer.

I used Bluetooth to upload the ringtones to my phone, but you can use whatever mechanism works for transferring files between your phone and your computer. If your phone doesn’t support Bluetooth, this probably means connecting your phone to your computer using a USB cable and using the software that came with your phone.

You can preview any ringtone by clicking one of the links below, which will play the ringtone in your Web browser. This may not sound exactly the same as on your cell phone, but it will give you an idea of what each ring tone is like.

The Ringtones

Bass & Lead 2 K
Doorbell 1 1 K
Doorbell 2 1.2 K
Koto 2 K
Steel Drums 2 K
Telephone 0.3 K
Vibraphone 2 K
Yeah! (by Usher) 1.4 K