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Thanks for visiting this page. Most of the content on is my own work, but there are some images from other sources that I have used and whose respective authors deserve credit.

Toyota MR2

A photo of a current generation MR2, courtesy of Toyota USA.


Apple iMac

A photo of the 15" iMac, courtesy of Apple Computer, Inc..

Minolta XTsi

Minolta XTsi 35mm Camera

A product photo of my first, real camera, the Minolta XTsi, courtesy of Konica Minolta.

Chun Li

Chun Li

An engaging illustration of Chun Li, one of the main characters from the hit arcade series from the 90's, Street Fighter. This illustration was scanned from the Street Fighter 2 Turbo manual for the 3DO, courtesy of Capcom.


Love Hina, Narusegawa Naru

An image capture of one of the main characters, Narusegawa Naru, from the Love Hina TV series from Japan.


Jaco Pastorius

A photo of Jaco Pastorius that came from the inside cover of The Last Flight, Featuring Jaco Pastorious album. The photo was taken by Shigeru Uchiyama.