Liquid Ledger Personal Finance for Mac OS X


Links to other Web sites mentioned on have been collected here for reference, as well as some Web sites that I think are worth mentioning

Link Location Description
Ferrari Makers of the world's most awe-inspiring automobiles and Formula 1 Racing's most popular team The latest news in the world of Formula 1 Grand Prix racing
Capcom, Inc. Makers of one of my all-time favourite video game: the Street Fighter series
Sarwat Khan My brother and the author of the popular shareware program Painting
Apple Computer, Inc. The company that made this Web site possible, and oh ya! who also continually revolutionizes the computer industry A daily news resource that keeps Macintosh users and enthusiasts up to date on the latest offerings from Apple, third parties, and related news
Modeless Software, Inc. My software company that publishes the refreshing personal finance solution, Liquid Ledger for Mac OS X
Alias|Wavefront My former employer, Alias|Wavefront, makes 3D software tools that bring life to the imaginations of Hollywood, video games, and industrial design.
IBM, Canada Another former employer, IBM provides many hardware and software solutions, such as the industrial-strength DB2 for AIX database product to which I contributed.
University of Western Ontario The university where I did my undergrad degree in Computer Science
Richard Ivey School of Business On the University of Western Ontario campus, I earned my MBA degree from the Ivey School of Business.