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In the early 80's, I was looking for my first computer. A local TV series called "Bits & Bytes" showcased the more popular computers at the time, like the Commodore 64, the Atari 400, the IBM PC, and the Apple ][. There was no doubt in my mind that the Apple was the one for me. I bought an Apple //e in 1984, and I've never looked back! I've become quite the advocate because I think Apple has the most powerful, the most elegant, and the most human experience that the computer industry has ever seen.

Why Mac?

I use my Macintosh to do a lot of different things like composing music, designing web sites, browsing the Internet, developing software, and a lot of other stuff. I've used several UNIX variants and Windows 95 quite a bit. I can't explain why I'm so much more productive on the Mac, but I just am. Maybe it's because the Mac feels like its designers were passionate and focused towards making a great computer, and that emotion is part of the Mac's character.

When people see how much I enjoy Macintosh computers, they always ask me why? So I've had to answer this question many times. In 1984, Macintosh revolutionized the way people thought about computers, with its graphical user interface and the desktop metaphor. Apple set the standard for the personal computer experience over 15 years ago and they really haven't had to change it. Compare that with Microsoft Windows, which sports a new interface each release, trying to find its own character, yet never quite reaching the intimacy of the Mac.

Today, Apple has raised the bar again with its next-generation operating system, Mac OS X. OS X is the first operatiing system to combine the power of UNIX with the ease of use of a personal computer. I've been using OS X since it's pre-release in September 2000. It's a wonderful experience and it's only going to get better. The whole industry is praising OS X and the new hardware that runs it.

My Collection

There once was a time when I aspired to own a Macintosh, but I thought it out of my reach because they were somewhat expensive, and I was just a kid. But by 1991, I had outgrown my venerable Apple //e, and I needed something to replace it. I was all ready to buy the Apple //gs when I heard about Apple's new Macintosh: the Macintosh LC. It was a low-cost colour Macintosh. At the store I launched the Color Picker, navigated through the menus, and opened up a few folders. It made my jaw drop to think that a colour Macintosh was a possibility for me.

The LC was my first Macintosh, and I eventually upgraded it to an LC III. Since then, my brother and I have acquired a few more Macintosh computers to serve our needs. As my needs grew, so did my collection of Macintosh computers. Today, we have an impressive but modest collection of Macintosh computers connected to each other through AppleTalk over an Ethernet network.

This list is a bit out of date. As of early 2001, my parents bought an iMac DV and my brother purchased a PowerMac G4 w/SuperDrive. Although these aren't my computers, they're in the family, so they deserve mention.